Sunday 6 November 2011

Flounder from Wairau Bar

Sixteen flounder caught in a net set at the Wairau Bar, Marlborough, New Zealand.

Nice haul of 16 flounder pulled in at the Wairau Bar.

Mark and I set the net, then spent the next three hours exploring the lower Opawa River in my dinghy with his motor on the back, trying to get a trout. We saw a couple of trout - a fairly small one jump, and quite a large one follow my lure, but no strikes (possibly a half-hearted one from the large trout at one point).

Passed a few whitebaiters while exploring the lovely wind-in-the-willowsesque river. They all said they weren't having any luck, but I think every whitebaiter will tell you that no matter how it's going for them.

Interesting how people were keen to give advice on the trout, though - one fellow recommending a Rapala pack (that I'm sure had 'mud' in the name), and another pointing out that the trout hide in near the bank, and a couple of groups saying they'd seen trout jumping nearby.