Sunday, 30 December 2018

A seafood chowder recipe

I've been a fan of seafood chowder for years now, but have seldom made it myself for some reason.

Yesterday I had some groper cheeks, quite a lot of mussels, a couple of salmon steaks and some smoked salmon that all needed using before long, so decided to make a chowder.

I looked through my cookbooks and decided on Martin Bosley's 'Easy Winter Seafood Chowder' in Kirsty Cameron's The Kiwi Bach Companion, despite it being the middle of summer and one of the hottest days of the year.

Click to enlarge

I used some parsley, sage, and dill from the garden in place of the thyme (potato was also freshly dug), and aside from my seafood being different to what's in the recipe, I cooked it as per the guidelines.

The salmon added more oil to the mix, which showed on top. In some leftovers today I sprinkled over and mixed in some White Crest Arrowroot Substitute, a gluten-free thickener, which mixed in well with the salmon oil and made a nice thick chowder. I plan on using that next time I cook it.

I also threw together a loaf of bread in the bread maker - which I haven't used for ages - following the recipe I mentioned back in the trout pate recipe a while ago (this time using sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, rosemary, and oregano).

All tasty and recommended.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Farewell to a Fishing Companion

One day Tee Tee followed our neighbour Sonjia home from one of her jogs in Barker's Park, on the north-western chunk of Grand Cayman Island. The vet said Tee Tee must've been left in the park pregnant or with pups. We adopted her (she adopted us?) after Sonjia moved to Miami.

I've probably now spent more time fishing with Tee Tee than anyone else.