Tuesday 24 January 2023

Throw some sand in

I've been taking my son Arthur out with me to look for trout on the river a few times this year.

This morning we went to a spot where I'd seen a trout yesterday.

We watched the water for a while, then Arthur started exploring the steep bank down to the water.

After climbing down to the water's edge, he threw a clump of sand into the water while making his way back up.

"That's probably not going to help attract a trout. Wait! Don't move!"

A trout had immediately appeared where the sand had landed.

I'd never thought of trying it before, but it makes sense that trout would investigate where a bank has slipped into the water from the continual erosion. There's bound to be worms or insects coming in with the sand and dirt.

The trout then came over to look at my cicacda imitation that I'd lowered into the water and leisurely took it into his mouth. I was unable to set the hook, so he swam away after some brief splashing.

I plan on adding throw-a-clump-of-sand-into-the-water-before-leaving to my methods of finding trout. Arthur convinced me to buy some plastic worm imitations a while ago too, so that should be a perfect match.