Sunday 21 November 2021

Getting back into it

I hadn't been fishing much at all over the last year. Last few years, really.

In September I was crossing one of the bridges over the Wairau and noticed the water was quite high, with a bit of colour - ideal for spin fishing.

My trout license had been languishing in my wallet for almost a year. With the season about to end, I figured I'd better get some use out of it.

Returning to the river soon after, I had a strike below the bridge within a few casts. I was not ready for it, and a leap soon after saw my lure coming to shore with no fish attached. Didn't manage to get any more interest from the trout, but returned the next morning around the same time, prepared for a strike. Landed the nice small brown quite quickly.

The family enjoyed the trout for dinner.

I obviously now had to get a new license for the upcoming season.

Landed a larger brown not too far upstream a couple of weeks later.

Both caught on the same lure.