Tuesday 21 February 2012

Monday Fish 5 and 6, The Wairau Bar

There was quite a swell coming in Monday last week down at the Wairau Bar. I didn’t land any fish, but saw a net being pulled in as I was leaving and it contained five or six fat kahawai and a flounder.

The fishing doesn’t seem to be too good at the Bar when there’s a swell coming in.

This Monday was overcast; no other people were fishing at the Bar, just my fellow-fisher Jim, and I – almost unheard of lately from what I’ve seen. The fish seemed a bit slower to start hitting the lures – possibly something to do with the approaching new moon, which may be the reason there were no other people fishing.

I landed a feisty five and a half pound kahawai and a tasty little guy that I cooked up for lunch. Jim landed three kahawai, all at least the size of my bigger fish.

I was using the same fishing setup that I used last time I caught fish there. It’s a surprisingly good inexpensive combo for saltwater spin fishing. The recently purchased EXORI 2 piece 6 foot 6 inch Spin Rod goes well with the Jarvis Walker Mirage EN350 Reel. It’s a lot lighter than many setups I see used at the river-mouth, but is able to take the punishment from what I’ve seen so far. (I'll update this post if anything breaks on me...)