Wednesday 4 April 2012

Monday Fish 10, Wairau Bar

Caught a kahawai on Monday. They really are fun to catch, so I have been trying to make the most of them before they disappear until next summer, which will surely happen before too long.

I think the smaller lures hook them better, so I've been trying to use as small a lure as I can. They aren't very good for casting into the wind, though, so I've been experimenting the last couple of times with putting a sinker above the lure to add weight.

Last time the weight was too heavy, and tangled more times than preferable. This time I had a bigger lure due to the stronger wind, and it cast better. Thinking about it, it does make sense that a sinker that's too heavy above a lure will sink quicker than the lure and more than likely make the hook tangle with the line.

I love the spear-head shape of the sinkers I've been using, and plan on trying more options.