Saturday 28 June 2014

Bait Fish

A lovely still winter's day; at home alone wondering whether to savour the time alone with a book and glass of wine or get out and make the most of the weather and go for a fish.

Looking out the front window of the house, I noticed a neighbour drive past. He parked in the nearby carpark, and got out of the car with a bucket and a few other things. I know him well enough to know he's bound to be going for a fish, and he pretty much always has good home-made burley - a good guy to fish next to.

I grabbed my fishing gear and walked across the road with the dog. I've enjoyed getting back into fishing with bait recently and have wanted to catch some bait fish so I have some fresh bait on-hand (and an alternative to the store-bought squid I always seem to use); this opportunity was ideal.

Filling my bucket with some sea water, I climbed around the rocks and started fishing next to my neighbour. He'd already caught a few yellow-eyed mullet by then - bigger fish than I was expecting.

After putting some small pieces of squid onto my Saltura Sabiki rig, I also start winding in fish before too long. Great fun. Fresh non-squid bait is now officially at hand.