Sunday 26 April 2015

Monkey Bay

While browsing some Marlborough Museum archive photos online recently, I noticed the photo below and instantly recognised the view as Monkey Bay, just to the north of Rarangi Beach.

Copyright Marlborough Museum - Marlborough Historical Society Inc.
Here's my photo today of the same scene.

Looking south from Monkey Bay, Marlborough, New Zealand.

The people in the old photograph are listed as:
  • Guard, Edward (Junior)
  • Baldick, Darcy
  • Baldick, Herman

It's hard to be exact on a date for the old photo, but I also found this one that gives the year as "about 1887."

Copyright Marlborough Museum - Marlborough Historical Society Inc.

This one lists "Guard, Edward (Senior)" as the man on the right-hand side of the photo. If it is Edward Guard Junior standing beside him (no name provided), looking around ten years old, then the Monkey Bay photo might be 20 years later, where he looks around 30 years old (give or take ten years!).

A lot of speculation involved, but by my estimation the old Monkey Bay photo must have been taken approximately 110 years ago - circa 1905.