Saturday 28 November 2015

It's not the same without you

I've come to realise fishing isn't the same without one of my companions. A recent forced break made me really appreciate the relationship.

It's my motorbike.

The last time I took her out for a fish about a month ago, the first corner didn't feel quite right... after another couple of corners I pulled over and confirmed that the rear tyre was fairly flat.

I slowly rode back home and went for a fish in the Pajero. Enjoyable enough, but something was missing. I realised that the motorbike is now a vital companion for an enjoyable fishing excursion.

Rear tyre has now been replaced (was getting quite worn), tube seems fine. As soon as this dry gusty westerly stops blowing across the Marlborough Plains, we're heading out.

Update (2015 Nov 30) : Perfect conditions this morning. Checked the tyre after I rode out the gate. Flat again. Took back to workshop. Tube replaced with no labour charge (I'd requested the tube replaced with the tyre originally, but that must've been forgotten while we were discussing the tyre). Anyway, bike is now road-ready again...