Tuesday 3 May 2016

Every Trout Has A Silver Lining (or What To Do With Over-Cooked Trout)

Despite the mental and physical benefits of fishing, let's face it - many of us like to fish to put some food on the table.

Admittedly, my family would starve if they had to rely on my fishing, but I provide a meal every now and then.

As mentioned, I over-cooked Henry's trout, but without the need to find a way to make use of the rather chewy flesh from the over-cooked trout, I may not have tried Jamie Oliver's very tasty pate recipe.

Yesterday I made the recipe as stated but without the oil on top at the end (only because I didn't see that step), and added some fresh chillies from the garden after spreading it on some home-made bread (based on this recipe, but with fresh herbs from the garden in place of the Italian seasoning). Most enjoyable!

It makes enough to fill two of those small jars.

This afternoon I made it again (yesterday's batch was consumed quite quickly) with more lemon juice - and oil on top this time. The first jar was filled essentially the same as yesterday; the second I chopped and mixed one and a half of those small (hot) chillies into it. Both very tasty.

I made an omelette for lunch today - halved cherry tomatoes with finely flaked trout amongst them, and grated cheese melted under the grill to finish things off. Also very tasty.