Friday 26 August 2016

Sea Trout

From Game Fishing: Trout, Salmon, Sea Trout by W. E. Davies

Here is a fish I never tire of talking about. 

It is one of Nature’s finest examples of streamlining and inside its small but well-shaped head is a brain capable of setting many tests for the angler.

On the question of gameness it is the equal of anything that swims. Bold words, maybe, but they are backed by years of experience with this splendid breed. 

Unlike a salmon, which often sulks after its first break for freedom, a sea trout will fight to the last. I have yet to meet a sea trout that included sulkiness in its repertoire. When the barb goes home this ocean-loving trout generally jumps into top gear and tries to put as much distance between the angler as possible and in so doing takes to the air in flashing leaps as many times as strength will allow.

While I enjoy a day’s salmon fishing, if given a choice mine would be sea trout every time. 

The salmon, in my opinion, so far as courage and gameness is concerned, is a much over-rated fish. 

Invariably the salmon has pounds extra in weight to help in its fight for freedom, whereas the sea trout, with few exceptions, has only speed and a fighting heart. 

I appreciate that the tackle used for sea trout is much lighter, but even when a pound fish is hooked on salmon tackle he will put up a very fine show. 

If the salmon is king then the sea trout is the prince of freshwater.