Monday 8 May 2017

Farewell to a Fishing Companion

One day Tee Tee followed our neighbour Sonjia home from one of her jogs in Barker's Park, on the north-western chunk of Grand Cayman Island. The vet said Tee Tee must've been left in the park pregnant or with pups. We adopted her (she adopted us?) after Sonjia moved to Miami.

I've probably now spent more time fishing with Tee Tee than anyone else.

Tee Tee would be with me any time I fished for tarpon in the mangrove canals behind Morgan's Harbour. She would fossik around looking for green lizards (now a big pest on the island) and spooking the odd flock of birds while I was fishing. She'd normally come over to examine anything I landed.

After she came back to New Zealand with us (Thanks to Davina's superior admin skills and determination), Tee Tee would always be eager to accompany me for a fishing mission across the road to Monkey Bay any time I went.

She adapted well to the contrast of a cold winter compared to her tropical upbringing, comfortable with her spot by the fire. Also taking it in her stride when one, then another boy turned up in the household.

No matter where we lived, Tee Tee always seemed at her happiest when out on the beach or adventuring somewhere.

We made her a garden grave in the front yard, near where she often used to lie in the sun.

I miss hanging out with Tee Tee.