Wednesday 11 January 2012

Monday Fish 1 (Part 1) Wairau Bar

It had just gone 7am – the time I’d told Jim I would call, so I picked up the phone and rang.

~ Hello?
~ Howdy Jim, how’s it going?
~ Good mate, how are you?
~ Good, good… You still up for a fish, or at least taking a look?
~ Yeah, I’ll take a look with you if you think it’s worth it.
~ Well, there is a swell I can hear still coming in, but there’s no wind at all, and we didn’t get too much rain, so hopefully the river is ok.
~ Sounds good to me then, Nigel.
~ Ok, see you around seven fifteen outside your place? I’ll toot the horn if I don’t see you.
~ Don’t worry, I’ll be there.
~ Ok, cheers, see y’ soon.
~ Ok, bye.

After my success landing the kahawai at the Wairau Bar the other day, I wanted to take another look and had mentioned it to Jim in passing, who said he’d be keen to join me.

The sky was mostly overcast, and the air was warm and still – possibly what some call earthquake weather.

One car was already parked when we arrived at the Bar, with another pulling up. There was quite a swell coming in, but still no wind. The river wasn’t too dirty or full of sticks and logs, which will normally happen after a lot of rain in the hills.

Both of the other two men fishing drove off before too long, leaving Jim and I to fish on our own. Pleasant enough fishing, but no strikes or fish landed.

Jim said we could try fishing the Diversion on our way back if I wanted, and informed me in a fake Irish accent that he had no medical surgery booked for the day. Must ask him what he was talking about…