Thursday 19 January 2012

Monday Fish 2, The Wairau Diversion

Jim picked me up at 5am. It was my idea to try the Wairau Bar last time, and Jim had suggested the Diversion at first light for our next trip, hence the early start.

I met him at my gate with my fishing gear and cup of tea in hand.

There was a cooler-than-expected breeze coming down the river when we arrived. I had put my jersey on as an after-thought before leaving, but was now happy I had my anorak-in-a-bag packed away to put on as well.

I fished the river mouth for a while before heading further down the beach where there was more surf.

At one point while casting, wishing I’d put a warm hat on instead of my cap, and dreaming of another hot mug of tea, I noticed Jim had taken his sandals off and was knee-deep in the surf.

No fish caught, but worthwhile trip for the magic of watching the sun come up over the sea on a still morning, and the pleasant company.